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    About Us

    Our business was founded by car enthusiasts, just like you. Our passion has fueled us to become the one stop shop for all your performance related needs. We’re a small team based out of Las Vegas, Nevada with over 15 years of experience in both racing and the automotive aftermarket! We have extensive knowledge of the flat four platform like the EJ20, EJ25, and now the FA20 engine. We have been following the development of the 86 chassis since the very beginning to thoroughly understand its strengths and weaknesses. This helps us effectively source or manufacture the best possible parts for your car! If we wouldn’t put it on our car, we don’t expect you to either.


    We purchase direct from the world’s most popular brands in order to provide the absolute best options for your car. This also helps us avoid fulfillment delays and minimize lead times. Enabling us to cut out the middle man, which means you deal directly with us! Your experience will be second to none as customer service is our number one priority!


    We are not a typical retail store since we do not have a showroom, but if you’re in town send us a message. We would love to have you swing by and see our operation.


    Best Regards,

    86 Speed Team