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    All Hotchkis suspension components go through an extensive development process that starts with the latest in computer-aided design, modeling, and engineering and ends with real-world performance testing.  Every Hotchkis component undergoes testing on their 600 ft. slalom, 200 ft. skid pad, and 14-turn Autocross course. Results from the ¼ mile acceleration and 60 to 0 mph braking tests are compiled. Complete data for stock and Hotchkis Sport Suspension equipped vehicles is gathered and evaluated. Performance gains are documented and any component not meeting our engineer’s rigid standards of fit and performance are critiqued, redesigned, and retested. Today’s vehicles are designed and engineered with extremely tight tolerances. Our engineer’s measure and then design with state-of-the-art CAD systems to ensure that their suspension upgrades operate in their intended locations away from existing suspension and exhaust components. They strive to produce performance suspension that installs with little or no vehicle modifications.
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    Picture of Hotchkis Rear Sway Bars SUBARU -BRZ -SCION FR-S
    Picture of Hotchkis Front Adjustable Sway Bar
    Picture of Hotchkis F+R Sway Bar Set
    Picture of Hotchkis Sway Bar End Links SUBARU -BRZ -SCION FR-S